Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grandma Therapy

So, every Wednesday night for the past six years (for me anyway), my cute cousin Stacey and I spend the evening with Grandma. We have had SO many fun times, special times, and very touching moments with her. Therefore, we titled it "Grandma Therapy". She listens to us tell our adventures of the past week, and then she gives comfort or advice to us. Then we help her get ready for bed, beginning with "Phase 1" as Grandma calls it! It is very fun to help her, I especially love washing her face, combing her hair, and putting lotion on her feet (she has cute feet). But before I go on I must say that without Stacey, Grandma Therapy would not be complete! I have really enjoyed coming to know her better, and she has become a very bright light in my life. Both women have influenced me more than I can say. I want to start writing funny things, or just moments that have touched me.

Last night, while waiting for a VERY slow nurses aid to help grandma, she sang, "Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness....." At which point my cousin and I were laughing! It was very cute and funny.....and very appropriate!

The next thing is something that happened with just Stacey and Grandma (Stacey also goes every Sunday night to be with Grandma). Stacey shows up Sunday night and Grandma was watching 'Perry Mason', well, a Mr. Burger was called to the stand.....
Grandma: " I wonder if his first name is ham?"
Stacey: "Why do you say that?"
Grandma: "You know, hamburger!"
Now, this may seem silly, but it got both Stacey and I laughing!! Grandma's sense of humor is so adorable! She is so funny!

Well, in posts to come, I am going to share how cute and funny she is, and how dear she is to me. I hope you enjoy getting to know these two amazing women that I love!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Updates & Things

I love gardening! But I don't like morning glory and stickers! I have been really struggling this year with both. BUT, things are growing, and that is always good to see! I will post some pictures after I till and weed tonight (so that it looks pretty). My brother's family ( ) sold their home and just gave an offer today on another one. I am so excited, because it it closer to our house. Hopefully they will build behind us in a few years. Mom and I are getting anxious and excited for our garden project. I need to take some before and after pictures (even though it will take a couple years). We are turning a section of our house into a flower garden equipped with a waterfall, gazebo, and fire pit (among other things). Yes, this will be a HUGE project for us, but it has been a dream now for years.

I didn't write about my High School Reunion. I am so glad I went. It was so good to see people and find out what they have been up to. The magic number that night was 3. A lot of people (I'd say 90%) have 3 children. I really had a great time! I felt like I left there with positive feelings about people (especially those who didn't really like me in High School), so it was good leaving there feeling positive. I have to say, walking in the school, I felt those feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and just plain fear. But leaving, I felt closure, peace, happiness, and love for people. It was great!

Friday, June 13, 2008


So, tonight I am going to my 10 Class Reunion..... in ways it feels like longer, but at the same time I feel shocked that it has only been 10 years. Weird! It will be good to visit with some friends and see how they have been.

So, I wanted to post that I love being an Aunt. The other day Payton, Parker and Abbey came over. I wasn't feeling the best, so I was laying in bed. In came the two boys, asking if they could lay down with me..... as we were laying there, Parker asked about this huge key that I have hanging up. I told the boys that this was a "magic key", and that it goes inside a magic door where animals talk and flowers are everywhere! A little too Narnia I know, but hey, it was all I could come up with. Now they are asking if we can go find the door and go inside this magical land. I love it!!

Another story~ When my mom was taking the boys home after they came to play at our house for a while, mom forgot something at the house and came back. She left the boys in the car (with the windows down) and asked if I would go sit with them while until she found whatever it was she was looking for. SO, I got in the drivers seat and we pretended that the car was flying to the moon. It was so fun!! Now whenever we get in the car, we have to fly to the moon first! I love being with my nephews and nieces. They are so much fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ok, really, I have 7 mosquito bites in various places, and they itch! I don't like this business. I swear, they populate all of Hooper!! I have a friend that lived in Kodiak, Alaska, where she said that for every person that lived there.... there are two bears. I think that for every person, dog, cat, and muskrat in Hooper, there are 200 mosquito's!! A thought along those lines.... my cute friend Kathleen had the opportunity to visit Truman G. Madsen, a historian for the Church and a wonderful speaker, and someone asked him a question concerning mosquito's and if they will live in the millennium....he told them that we will be glorified beings (no blood, etc.), so if they are there... it will be hell for them. I thought that was funny!