Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Open Heart and Blessings

So, I am reading this little book that my dear friend Kaija is letting me borrow. It's called "A Heart Like His: Making Space for God's Love in Your Life" by Virginia Hinckley Pearce. Already I have noticed a difference in my life! I am really trying to open my heart to let the love of the Lord shine through and heal me and others. It has been a wonderful blessing to me. I am happier all around because of this experiment.

Lately I have been really trying to get out of debt... meaning, keeping money in my account and not overspend... yes... I have that problem in my life. I tend to think that I am ok finanacially, then I balance my checkbook and PHEW! I am opposite of what I thought. I say this because spiritually, I am the same way. I get into "spiritual debt", if you will, and then when I balance my life, I see how far I am from where I need to be.

I was listening to Elder Bednar's talk on the way to work today. It was his one about "Praying Always". Let me back up. I have been saying quick, non-communal prayers. You know, the type where you do the basics and close. I haven't been listening... I haven't been making the time to expand on some of my feelings and desires, etc. Well, today for our family prayer, I asked for the normal safety while driving to and from work, and that those around me will be safe to. (Now I am caught up to the first of this paragraph). So, I was listening to Elder Bednar's talk, when this car/mini-suv swerved and spinned on the road, traveling from the right side of the freeway to the left. I think he wanted to exit on 500 South in Bountiful (which is to the left of the freeway instead of the right). Immediately I paused the talk and thanked my Father in Heaven. I thanked Him that the car did not hit any other car, nor did it rollover; and I thanked Him that I was not involved in any kind of crash. If I was yards closer, I would have been hit. It made me realize, that even if I am basic, and even if I don't feel like I am communing with Our Father, he still will bless me, and believe me, my faith has been strengthened in this. After this moment, I began to take the opportunity to commune with Him. I told him about some concerns, and it was a sweet moment!

Anyway, I am loving the "open heart" experiment, and I am grateful for God's love!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Coupon Savings!!

So, my brother Dan just introduced me to the world of Coupons on Friday. I must say, I am ready to get started!! I made a "Coupon Book" with sheet protectors to store the coupons in. We will see how this goes. Anyway, why am I sharing the love with you? Because I believe in saving money! Here is the website he sent me to (http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/). Click on State Forums - then go to Utah - then select the store you shop at for savings! Also be sure to coupon clip during the week from your newspapers! ;o)