Monday, November 24, 2008

New Car

I bought a new (well, new to us) car on Friday. It is a 2004 Honda CR-V. I will post pictures of it soon. It was a big thing for me, because I have NEVER really done the whole "building your credit" thing. I was nervous, but it will be fine... right?! I am excited though, because mom and I really like it. We are sharing it, since her car died...

Well, pictures will come! I promise!

Twilight Movie

So, here is my feelings on the movie... I will try not to spoil anything for those who have not seen it yet! I really liked it. In fact, I liked it better the second time I saw it. The actors / actresses really grew on me, and I really thought they all did pretty good. Of course, in my mind and heart, there is no one that can look like them, or act like them from what I have created in my mind.... BUT, for a movie, I really liked it a lot. I loved how they stayed pretty true to the book.

I loved when Bella met the Cullen's for the first time, how they were making her dinner... that part made me laugh. I really like the guy who played James, he really fit the part for me... really creepy! Charlie was good to I thought... I love the shot gun scene (when Edward meets him for the first time). Alice is perfect to me. She fit the part so well...I just wish it would have shown her getting Bella all dolled up for the prom, because that is where I feel that Bella and Alice start their friendship! All in all, I loved the movie!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

English Class

So, I have just sent in my portfolio.... ON LINE!! Yes, I am moving up in the world!! If you want to read my stuff, here it is: