Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Garden Bliss

Can I just say that I truly enjoy gardening?! I finally got my pictures on this computer. Funny thing is.... now my garden is twice as big!! Today I picked 2 peppers and 3 zucchini's. Funny story about the zucc's (pronounced: z-oo-k-s), this year I only planted 5 pockets on my mound (meaning, I poked 5 holes with my thumb and put 3 seeds in each hole) where as last year I did 7-9 holes.....haha, yeah, we had zucc's coming out of our ears! So I thought I was pretty safe this year by just doing 5......and I thought I was even MORE safe when only 4 plants came up....I was wrong! One day, I was out whacking morning glory with my hoe, when I noticed that what I had just hit was either a squash or zucchini plant. I looked around, and wouldn't you know, there were two others just growing out of no where!! Actually, they were from my last years crop.... who knew that they would be annuals?!?! Our neighbor who we pay to come and plow our field must have dragged some seeds to a new location and WALAH! we have even more zucchini that last year! It's kind of funny, because this year I bought a new kind of zucc, so now I have 2 different kinds in my garden. By looking at what is producing now... I will be picking zucc's everyday for the rest of my life!! BUT, I am grateful we have crops this year, and I am grateful for those blasted zucc's!


overall look @ garden

Cute little corn (which has now tripled in size!!)

Tiny tomatoes!! They too have tripled!

Here are a couple of pictures of our flowers in our front yard.... to pretty to not share~