Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama Mia!

I went and saw this movie.... I was laughing SOOOO hard that I was not just crying... but sobbing!

I can't say anymore than.... I loved it!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I finally got my camping photo's back! PLUS, Dad was good to give me some of the pictures he took too... WOOHOO! I am so excited!! There is SOO much to post, so many stories, so many memories. It was a vacation I REALLY needed.

This is what camp looked like. We are right on the edge of a beaver pond, and believe me... they are fun to watch. Just don't try to talk to one (clicking your tongue) or they will get upset.... believe me... I KNOW!! My tent is the red one in the center... Dad and Sharon's is hidden!!!

Dad and I went on this hike that was..... oh... just over a couple ridges.... and up to a peak! We were gone from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM..... it was a lovely long hike that I will always cherish! The scenery was perfect, and the sounds were calming!! We heard a hawk screech and it echoed all through the valley! That was so cool. I felt like I was in a movie. It was a pretty cool day (temperature wise) and that just added to the beauty of it. Dad and I had a lovely time talking about religious subjects and just plain life. It was wonderful spending this time with him. Something I will always cherish!

My Grandma Leak loves Indian Paintbrushes (the red flowers behind me in the picture). We saw SOOO many up there. They were beautiful.

We were able to see a couple Bucks (Deer)... They stood there SOOOO still... If we didn't stop to catch our breath, we would have missed them! They were so beautiful!! I named them "Bucky" (the older one), and "Boy" (the younger).

The next day we went on another hike to Bacon Creek Saddle. (NOTE: We both had blisters from the previous hike... so this one wasn't TOO far, but still very enjoyable.) We both took our journals and found this dead tree to sit on. As we were writing, I noticed that this black butterfly was attracted to my camel-back (backpack). I tried many times to get it to climb on my finger. It was the coolest thing when it actually did crawl on there!! No words will ever describe my "Spots". She was the prettiest thing. Her oval eyes were Grey, and her face was fuzzy... she was lovely! After she flew away, she came back to my bag ( I think she was as curious about me as I was her!). I waved my hand in the bye-bye motion, and she flapped her wings. It was sweet! "Spots" holds a spot in my heart!

The last pictures I will post are of the sunrise and sunset! These don't do it justice... but they are pretty to look at anyway!

We always had hot cocoa every morning! Here is a picture of my last day drinking hot cocoa with Dad and Sharon~

I had a wonderful time! There is so much more that I didn't include... It was a wonderful vacation!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beat It!!

Last night, mom and I picked beats and topped them. I was sad to see them go, but I guess that we are coming up on that time of the year when you are able to reap the harvest of your labors. We have really been blessed with TONS of yummy veggies. I am still offering Zucchini's for free!! We didn't have very many beats... which is ok.... I was surprised they even came up this year! We hope to get a half dozen bottles out of them. YUM!
After we picked the beats, I decided to weed my carrots and re-build the row (that is how I like to weed.... just tear it all up, and then rebuild it later!!) I knew I was pushing it with time, meaning, it was getting close to my bedtime, but I couldn't pull
myself away! We picked our first tomato, and loads of Zucchini's, along with some squash and peppers. I love this time of the Gardening Year!
To back up a little... I have to go to bed around 9:00 PM, because I have to get up at 4:00 AM. Technically, I should be going to bed by 8:00 PM, because I need ALL the beauty sleep I can get! Why, you ask?! Because our Governor has forced us to work four 10 hour days! That is grand and all, for those who don't want any kind of life during the week. I get home around 7:30 PM, and you'd be surprised how fast an hour and a half goes!! At least it
gives me an excuse to not date... that I can thank the Gov'nah for!!
I went camping with Dad and Sharon this past week... I will save the spill for another post... when I can show my pictures!! They are being developed as we speak! I have to just say this... It was incredible! Just what I needed! More to come....
Oh, I wanted to post this picture of this animal. As I was coming in last night, I saw this ... thing... licking the flowers. It was really neat. Pictures just don't do it justice. It reminded me of a humming bird (fast wings) mixed with a butterfly.... maybe that is all it is... a "hummfly"?!?!
Well, happy trails!