Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Calling...YAY!

So, for the past 6 years I have been with the youth. Don't get me wrong...they are wonderful and amazing, but I am really excited to be released. Now I am the Primary chorister! I get to Pinterest for my calling now! So, I was thinking about posting things that I have done here to add to the world of ideas out there. I'm going to include what worked well, and what didn't work very well. I've already survived two weeks (going on week 3), and I am so excited! Maybe this will help me remember to blog more!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

400,000 Miles

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, my car reached 400,000 miles!! Just a couple fun facts about reaching this many miles:
  • I have been around the earth 16 times.
  • I have been TO the moon, but have 77,710 miles left before I reach earth.
I wish I had a dollar for every mile I have driven in that car! It is a 96' Honda Civic, and it has served me well! My goal is to reach half a million miles! Here's to another 100,000!! ;o)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Powerful Experiences Just For Me!

Just recently I have had a few experiences that have been very powerful. The best part... they were meant just for me. It is hard for me to explain my feelings. Being 34 and single has its moments! Unless you are in this lovely category of "old-maid", you won't understand the feelings of loneliness and frustration. Along with those feelings come other negative words into your mind. Here is what happened to me that has changed my life. I got on my knees one night, feeling really low. I began to pray only to feel alone. Then it happened. I got this impression (I know it was from the Spirit) that I should write ALL the negative words I felt about myself down on a piece of paper. I obeyed. The list was pretty gruesome!! Words like undesirable (because you wonder if THAT is the reason you are still single...), pathetic, unreliable, lame, etc. (the list was pretty long for me). After I made the list I thought, "well, that made me feel better... not!" Then the prompting came to me to write at the top of that list "Satan's Words". I did. Then I was prompted to write on the other side of the paper "God's Words", and write a list of words, words that describe who I really am! Words like compassionate, Christlike, selfless, funny, etc. When I was done, the Spirit whispered to me that I need to make sure that I am always listening to my Heavenly Father's words. And that when I feel the negative words in my life, that those come from Satan. I have to say, that was a very powerful experience for me.

Then I was up camping. It was AWESOME!! On my last night there I became really sad (in my tent). While I was praying, the feeling came over me to not be sad that I have to leave, but be glad that I was able to go up there. Then I was taught that lately I have been looking on the negative side ("glass half-empty" syndrome), and that I want to be a "glass half-full" kind of girl. Since then, I have been more optimistic in my life. I finally feel myself going back up the hill (it's been over a year since I have felt this!) And let me just say... it feels great!

I am adding this picture, because you have to climb to get to the top of something... it takes perseverance!
 Our view from the top of the saddle

Thursday, July 10, 2014


So, reading through my blog, I realize that I have not updated about myself in quite a while. I guess that is because I have nothing interesting going on. Nevertheless, I should probably update my 3 followers!! ;o)

I have been making updates in my house. It is 27 years old, and it has a great need for a make-over. My problem? Moo-la! So, it will take me approximately 10 years to update things the way I would like them. The best part is I am doing this all myself! I LOVE doing things myself instead of paying someone to do it for me! Hence, my fire-pit (I did this back in 2008-2009).

We have chickens! Yep! And not just one or two... we now have 14! That has been fun! It is actually very funny, because when they see me they flock to me (because they think I have food). They have been fun!

So, I met Sister Elaine Dalton. That was really neat! My last presidency was invited to hear her speak to a Ward (which she never does. She usually will only speak to a Stake, but she was happy to come and speak to this one Ward in our Stake, and the leaders were so kind to invite us. Sister Dalton is so nice. She is AMAZING! It was really neat to talk with her and feel loved! ;o)
(L to R: RaNae, Gina, Sister Dalton, Tammy, me)

So, I've been off Facebook for a year now! I know, can you believe it?! I think I am going to get on once a year for a week or two, to catch up with friends. One thing I have noticed (and I don't know if it is because of my age, or because I am off of Facebook), my social life is lame!

My nieces and nephews are so fun! I love when they come over (or when I go see them). We go on "adventures", play all sorts of games (right now they love "Ghost in the Graveyard"), and sometimes we just cuddle and watch a good movie! I love spending time with them. Payton is 12 years old, Austyn is 11, Parker is 9, Abbey is 7, and little Livia is 2. Man time goes by fast! 

I can't think of anything new. I am still working at the Utah Department of Health (just hit my 11 year mark! WOOHOO!). I keep busy with work, school, calling, and family. Oh, and just to update on my calling, they split our stake (see last post). Instead of having 13 Wards, we now have 7! I love the ladies I serve and serve with. I hope we can become more personal with them all now.

Anyway... for your enjoyment, here is a picture of me as a Wee-Rocket! Thanks to my 3 followers!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Just a little background: I have been serving in my home Stake as the Stake Young Women's President now for 2.5 years. I should have blogged about our Stake Girls Camp last year... we took 400 people to camp and only had life flight come once! It was crazy!! Lot of laughs, tears, and sweat! I have served with AMAZING women!! My first round of Counselors/Secretary was Tammy Truman (Tru-woman!!), Gina Belnap, and RaNae Fisher. Holy smokes I love those ladies!! I have learned so much from them and am glad to call us "Eternal Sisters!" I was told I had to release everyone and call a whole new presidency... so now I am serving with Janet Foster and Jennifer Patterson (my secretary is still to come!). We just started, so I am excited to rub shoulders with them. I used to complain that 13 Wards was a bit much to try to keep up with. Now I am kind of sad. They are splitting our Stake on Father's Day. This is a bittersweet feeling for me. Bitter because I love working with so many amazing women and girls; and sweet because I will be able to be closer to those I will serve. It will be interesting to see where they will split Hooper. I feel honored to have served in the Stake when we were gigantic and one. I feel equally honored to serve in the Stake when it is split into two...hope that makes sense!

Anyway, I am going to have banana splits in honor of our Stake being split.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow, it's been a while!!

So, it's never a good idea to get a new computer and forget your link to your blog...then forget the, since it's almost been two years I thought I'd resurrect this blog and MAYBE start blogging again...maybe.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She's Going to Pop!

So, I got the phrase from Pinterest ("She's Going to Pop" with popcorn in the basket), but the items I put inside the basket are my own. I did this for my sister-in-law, and it turned out WAY cute!! I found out what her favorite soda pop was, then I got a bag of blow pops, and she loves Crunch 'n' Munch, so I put that in cellophane bags. She was having (has had) a little girl, so I made the colors pink, black, and white. I stuck the blow pops in a flower Styrofoam thing (it was a disk-like shape). Then I covered everything with confetti paper. It was fun to make!