Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cool Experiences

So, Sunday I had some great experiences that I wanted to blog about. First, I was asked to speak in a Home Ward to try to recruit young single adults (YSA) to come to our Ward. I get there... a little late, and the 2nd Counselor of our YSA Ward that we were speaking with asked to see mine and the other speakers talks. We gave them to him and he took them, put them in his coat and said, "Today you will be speaking by the Spirit." It was great! I relied fully upon the Spirit, and it felt good.

Then I went to Church and our teacher in Relief Society didn't show up. So we scrambled during opening exercises to come up with a plan and BOOM! The Spirit took over again. It was the neatest thing. Two intense yet simple instances of relying upon the Spirit. He is the key to every talk, lesson, etc. we listen to and give.

Then that night Elder Bednar came to the Ogden Institute to speak to us YSA's. I debated on going to this. I was tired and ready to go home after Church. I sat in my car for a few minutes and called my mom to see what she would tell me to do. We were talking back and forth and I started my car to go home. Even started backing out when she said, "Listen to the Spirit, He will tell you what to do." Right then and there I pulled back in my parking spot and turned off my car. I needed to go to the fireside. My reasons for going home were lame. I am glad the Spirit gave me strength to overcome my lameness.

Elder Bednar's talk was perfect! It was what I needed. He and his wife were SOOO funny! I had never seen that side of him before. Usually he is very serious and I wondered if he ever had a funny bone in his body. I am here to tell the world that he does... for he had us all laughing. Then he got to his message and it was touching. About revelation, dating, making decisions, etc. I will go home and post my thoughts on his talk later. I am glad I went.

So, my lesson learned on Sunday?! Let the Holy Spirit guide! ;o)