Wednesday, October 14, 2009


lately I have been reflecting on certain moments in my life. Here are a few:
Most Recent:
  • I went over to get "kisses" last night from the kids (Payton, Parker, and Abbey), I couldn't leave, because Abbey wanted me to read her every book that was in her room. When I would get up, she would command me to "sit", and then "wead".... I felt so needed and loved!
  • Every Wednesday night when I leave my Grandma, she always tells me to not "run faster than I have strength"... I feel cared for and loved when I am with her.
  • My brother Jason bought me breakfast on my way to work the other day. He always calls me and asks how I am doing... I feel like he cares for me and loves me.
  • We turned our home into a restaurant for one night, just for Jason and Tricia (for their anniversary). We dressed up the kids as waiters, and mom was the hostess/chef, I was the chauffeur and chef. It was fun serving! I felt love!
  • When I went camping with my Dad, Sharon, and my cousin Stacey, I would actually be quiet (well, for a few moments anyway), and soak in the Spirit and commune with the Lord. I felt peace, love, and joy!
  • Some days when I am having a really hard time, I sit on my mom's lap and she just rocks me... We just cry together! I feel comforted and protected when she does that.
  • Pouncer seriously follows me around everywhere! I love it! I feel so needed and depended upon. There are moments when I just lay with him, I really love that cute dog! ;o)
Well, that is enough for today! More moments to come in the future....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well, this semester has been a bit rough for me. I have LOVED all my classes so far... but... there is a theory. You love your classes because your teachers are excited and help make the subject fun to learn. This semester has proven that to a "T". I am not really liking my classes, because my teachers are hard to understand. Oh well... I guess this is just an example for me to learn from.

I am super excited for this weekend. General Conference is the "booster-shot" that I need to endure! I am excited to listen and obey!

Love to all! ;o)