Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday and things....

So, I turn the big 29 today. I thought I would be depressed or something... you know... getting closer to 30 and all... but I am actually feeling great! Something that has been on my mind a lot this morning (well a couple of things), is that 29 years ago this morning I was saying goodbye to my Heavenly family. To think that 29 years ago from this moment I saw them and remembered them, and I felt their love for me. I wonder if our goodbyes were like those on this earthly life? I am sure we embraced... for Our Father and Mother knew what I was going to experience here, and they knew I loved them. What of that of my family in Heaven? I mean, Our Savior would have been there, prophets from the past... even some ancestors. Hey, even some of my family now was there (Tricia, and my nieces and nephews). I wonder what our goodbyes were like.

On a different note... 29 years ago my mom and dad were in the hospital looking forward to my debut! I left one realm full of love, and entered into this one with the same love waiting for me. My parents have been supportive of me my whole life... in everything I do. I cannot imagine my life without them, or without my brothers... though at times I wished they would join the circus! ;o) No really, my family has been everything to me.

I have experienced many things in this life. Some I thought would never happen to me, some I expected would play out. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing about my life. Each moment has been a growing experience for me. Have I always been positive? No! Most of the time I complain to the Lord about those events, and ask the question, "why?" But many times I feel him comfort me, and everything is ok! I am grateful for my relationship with Them. They truly strengthen me, as do those of my earthly family. "The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord..." Happy Birthday to me, the day I received my physical body to progress and become like Them. ;o)

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Eagles Concert

Holy Cow!! That is all I have to say!! We were 30 rows back in section A on the floor. Our seats were more towards the side of the stage, but I could still see them, and it was a blast!! I have to admit, I was worried, because I thought they were going to sing songs from their new album only (being "The Long Road Out of Eden" tour).... and I really wanted to hear some of their older stuff. They sang my two favorite songs from their new album, then it was PARTY time!! We stood the WHOLE time. Mom and I sang aloud and danced the night away. It was crazy! I still think it is a dream. The night is one I'll never forget! ;o)