Thursday, July 10, 2014


So, reading through my blog, I realize that I have not updated about myself in quite a while. I guess that is because I have nothing interesting going on. Nevertheless, I should probably update my 3 followers!! ;o)

I have been making updates in my house. It is 27 years old, and it has a great need for a make-over. My problem? Moo-la! So, it will take me approximately 10 years to update things the way I would like them. The best part is I am doing this all myself! I LOVE doing things myself instead of paying someone to do it for me! Hence, my fire-pit (I did this back in 2008-2009).

We have chickens! Yep! And not just one or two... we now have 14! That has been fun! It is actually very funny, because when they see me they flock to me (because they think I have food). They have been fun!

So, I met Sister Elaine Dalton. That was really neat! My last presidency was invited to hear her speak to a Ward (which she never does. She usually will only speak to a Stake, but she was happy to come and speak to this one Ward in our Stake, and the leaders were so kind to invite us. Sister Dalton is so nice. She is AMAZING! It was really neat to talk with her and feel loved! ;o)
(L to R: RaNae, Gina, Sister Dalton, Tammy, me)

So, I've been off Facebook for a year now! I know, can you believe it?! I think I am going to get on once a year for a week or two, to catch up with friends. One thing I have noticed (and I don't know if it is because of my age, or because I am off of Facebook), my social life is lame!

My nieces and nephews are so fun! I love when they come over (or when I go see them). We go on "adventures", play all sorts of games (right now they love "Ghost in the Graveyard"), and sometimes we just cuddle and watch a good movie! I love spending time with them. Payton is 12 years old, Austyn is 11, Parker is 9, Abbey is 7, and little Livia is 2. Man time goes by fast! 

I can't think of anything new. I am still working at the Utah Department of Health (just hit my 11 year mark! WOOHOO!). I keep busy with work, school, calling, and family. Oh, and just to update on my calling, they split our stake (see last post). Instead of having 13 Wards, we now have 7! I love the ladies I serve and serve with. I hope we can become more personal with them all now.

Anyway... for your enjoyment, here is a picture of me as a Wee-Rocket! Thanks to my 3 followers!


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