Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She's Going to Pop!

So, I got the phrase from Pinterest ("She's Going to Pop" with popcorn in the basket), but the items I put inside the basket are my own. I did this for my sister-in-law, and it turned out WAY cute!! I found out what her favorite soda pop was, then I got a bag of blow pops, and she loves Crunch 'n' Munch, so I put that in cellophane bags. She was having (has had) a little girl, so I made the colors pink, black, and white. I stuck the blow pops in a flower Styrofoam thing (it was a disk-like shape). Then I covered everything with confetti paper. It was fun to make!

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Holly and Nathan said...

Missi! That is so cute! What a great idea!